Championships 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze Breakthrough beauty Denson Wyatt aim Championships


"Multi Imagine a collective project that raised the national flag." On Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships held in early June in Uzbekistan, Denson Wyatt has issued such a feeling, at that time, the collective project won the Asian Championships all-around and individual gold medals. However, the stubborn art and physical beauty soon put this goal realized - in the individual competition, winning her ball exercise, with a parade and hoop gold medals, two silver medals stick operation, together with the previously In the individual all-around and team competition won the bronze medal, Denson Wyatt in the current Asian Championships harvested 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze.

"Preliminaries and finals than the individual, quite good. Preliminaries except the last one ribbon larger mistakes, the rest are relatively normal. AllAround than not very good, four have mistakes, first, because of a foot injury hit closed one week before departure are not trained. plus she also wants to up the fight, attitude did not adjust well. To the individual finals, completely relaxed. "Denson Wyatt reviews one by one on their own. June 19, the reporter interviewed BSU Denson Wyatt found some thin girl, big eyes Qiaoxiaoyanran clever, cute.

As China's artistic gymnastics team, "a sister" Denson Wyatt good results in recent years, the London Olympics also equaled the best Olympic performance of Chinese athletes. The Asian Championships to win more Chinese artistic gymnastics since the Asian Championships in Yangzhou nine titles and captured again realized.

"I think my four programming very good, of course, to go to the stadium to complete the good is good (program). Otherwise, even the best choreography complete bad also no good." She said with a smile.

Within Asia, Korea beautiful girl in Sun Yan Yue Denson is undoubtedly the biggest rival, the Guangzhou Asian Games, Sun Yan in the overwhelmingly won, while Deng Senyue only got fifth. The Asian Championships, Sun Yan with gold in the individual all-around, also harvested two individual gold medals, but the performance Denson Wyatt 2 gold, 2 silver favorably.

"Sun Yan and than? Not think, but she always felt more than she can complete the difficult operation in the field, was especially stable, even if doing a one expression is also very good." On the issue of their own, Denson Wyatt says, Her major wins in the choreography is good, the action brisk little difficulty still can, "is not very stable, unstable state of mind." Denson Wyatt was not satisfied with his performance, there is no blame on foot.

Speaking, Denson Wyatt foot a bit serious, there is a right triangle bone free bone, do not know when jammed, her right foot would not stand up, "train when this happens more, game straps fixed before it will play. In fact, not the card when it is normal, a stuck would not be able to control. "she says with exasperation. And even after the Games scheduled surgery, as the main leg of the right leg on the recovery also takes longer.

After gold and silver medals in the Asian Championships, Denson Wyatt in 2013 there are still many tasks, the most important is the World Championships in August in Ukraine as well as the National Games, "Before my best result in the World Championship is the 13th name, I have no idea of ​​the Almighty, the opponent is too strong. for a single into the top eight it. "Denson Wyatt said. (China Sports Daily Wangxiang Na)

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